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About José

Who is José?

There were the pulsating strobe lights of the Limelight, the Doc Martens and the Disco Queens, and then there was hair … free-spirited, radical and revolutionary hair that influenced the times. José Eber’s artistic imprint on the liberation of hair and his evolutionary style has transcended the decades, through the ‘Boho’ 70’s, the hypnotic 80’s, the disruptive 90’s and beyond. In the abstract world where fashion and art collide, where the subculture of CBGS’s met with the sparkle of rhinestones, it was José who gave a unique voice to hair. Whether it was the sexy silhouette of Studio 54 or the androgynous look of Pearl Jam, it was his concept that birthed a look: That beauty is transformed through an individual blueprint and fused with a lifestyle.

As an original ‘Hair Hipster,’ José gives to hair artistry what Andy Warhol gave to the visual arts movement – a distinctive edge with a signature style. His sought-after approach to free-form hair gained popularity in the nocturnal landscape of the techno-disco-rock culture, where celebrated supermodels could be seen dancing to the beat in their José hair. His success made its way to Hollywood, where celebrities flocked to his salon and his work has been featured on the silver screen. 

José expertise in the industry has led to becoming a popular guest on major news networks, including guest appearances on “Entertainment Tonight,” HBO’s series “Entourage” and “Good Morning America.”  His clients have come to expect the precision cut, the fantabulous color and the indelible style that comes with a José experience.

When he’s not consulting with hair clients, working on fashion projects or overseeing his collection of salons, José is actively engaged in philanthropic efforts, including the management of AmFar, the AIDS Foundation established by his close friend and client, Elizabeth Taylor.

José Eber is more than just hair. It’s an art form.

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