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Authorized Resellers

Counterfeit and unauthorized websites exist. These websites may sell you poor quality fake José Eber products or even nothing at all. We urge you to be cautious when purchasing from online retailers. Please don't be fooled by unauthorized resellers and poor quality fakes. Because of such circumstances, we highly recommend only purchasing José Eber products through our website directly or one of our authorized dealers. All authorized dealers will indicate within their website that they have been authorized to sell legitimately in an online environment. It is always best to contact the manufacturer directly to confirm whether an online dealer is indeed authorized prior to purchasing a product from their site.. Often times unauthorized dealers provide customers with damaged, used, or fake products which is why they can sell these products significantly below market value.

We take our consumer safety very seriously and it is our policy to investigate all information we receive in order to prevent such online retailers from selling our products unlawfully. We have an internet protection team that is dedicated to protecting the José Eber brand and our customers and we will be reporting this online dealer to this department.

About The José Eber Limited Lifetime Warranty

When  products are purchased from our website or one of the selected authorized resellers listed below you guarantee that you are purchasing a product with a valid Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty. Unfortunately, we cannot honor a warranty for José Eber products that are purchased from an unauthorized reseller. We caution you to be aware, even if the product  is said to be offered with a warranty. If the online retailer is not listed below, the warranty is not valid or enforceable. We are proud to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and we want you to be able to use it! So please use due diligence when purchasing online.


What if you have already purchased from an unauthorized reseller?

Because they are an unauthorized dealer selling products online, we do not have the ability to honor the manufacturer’s warranty. We apologize greatly for the misrepresentation of their company and the inconvenience they have caused. As the manufacturer, we recommend that you contact this dealer directly to request an exchange or refund. If they are not compliant we suggest contacting the web platform they are selling on. You may make a claim against this company for fraud or misrepresentation. This not only assists you in receiving a refund or a new product, but also assists us in preventing these dealers from continuing to deceive our loyal José Eber customers.  You may also contact your credit card company to dispute the charge if the options above do not prove successful.


Look for authorized retailers at malls within the following states

  • Arizona
  • California 
  • Columbia 
  • Connecticut 
  • Hawaii 
  • Indiana 
  • Michigan 
  • Minnesota 
  • Missouri 
  • Montana 
  • Nevada 
  • New Jersey 
  • New York 
  • North Carolina 
  • North Dakota 
  • Oregon 
  • Texas 
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin 

Authorized online retailers

  • Ulta Beauty Stores and Ulta.com
  • Gilt
  • JoseCurl.com
  • Folica.com
  • Dermstore.com/Hairenvy.com
  • Beauty.com
  • AveYou.com
  • Joyus.com
  • Selfridges.com
  • Alive Products Singapore (wwwjoseeberhair.com.sg)
  • Canada - Gabico Inc
  • Dubai - Amalona Trading Est.
  • New Zealand - Sellaway Ltd
  • Saudi Arabia - Al Nahda Trading Bureau


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